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Since the start of the 21st century Africa has been experiencing fewer conflicts and rapidly diversifying its overall economy to include areas other than the banal and historically contentious extractive industries. Additionally, its population – that is the youngest on earth with a median age of 19 years in 2011 – has shown a technological vibrancy and desire to solve problems, which was largely missing in previous decades.

The continent has its infrastructural and institutional deficiencies that will continue to stifle growth until addressed, but it has found a more powerful fuel in its young. With most those on the continent having been born or raised in the late and early period of the 20th and 21st century – the period of increasing positivity – Africa is blessed with a large group who, regardless of their socioeconomic condition, anticipate change and are ambitious and passionate about effecting it.

Due to this, the mood among indigenes, the diaspora and many millennials in the global community, has over the last 20 years transitioned from pessimism - to not just optimism - but expectation, all of which are powering Africa against its once fundamental odds.

Technology over Barriers

Africa Power Map

These graphics illustrate the severity of The power problem in African states, but for some it also identifies the opportunities.

power density infographic
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