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Africa50 is a continental initiative dedicated to accelerating infrastructure projects in Africa, by mobilizing African savings and finance from the private sector.

De Charles worked to deliver a report to quantitatively justify and set the narrative for the Africa50 fund, for the AfDB and their fund marketing partner Made in Africa Foundation.

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Sub-Saharan Africa’s 49 countries collectively have approximately four-fifths of the UK’s power generation capacity to spread amongst over thirteen times more people. The continent’s unmaintained infrastructure leaves it with the highest logistics costs globally, and even with a similar rail density to Asia, its share of global rail freight stands at approximately 1% compared to 30% in Asia. Additionally, even with high magnitudes of surface water and rainfall second only to the Americas, poor water management renders Africa the driest continent on earth.

De Charles produced the Africa50 report in order to quantify and benchmark the scale of Africa’s infrastructure deficit in the areas of power, transportation and water management, against other emerging and economically advanced nations. De Charles and Made in Africa Foundation considered this important as they believed such simplistic a comparison between Africa and the rest of the world across the broad areas of hard infrastructure had not yet been done.

The report was for two purposes: to better illustrate Africa’s limited infrastructure for prospective project developers and investors, with the aim of greatly increasing activity; and - acknowledging African states’ fast rate of growth since the turn of the century – to highlight the continent’s remarkable emergence in the face of its significant challenges.

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“But however large and daunting the ‘problems’ above seem, we, alongside some passionate others, choose rather excitedly to call them challenges”

Ozwald Boateng

CEO and Co-founder | Made in Africa Foundation

The Africa50 Report

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