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The Africa Prize

The Royal Academy of Engineering is the UK’s national academy of engineering, which exists to advance and promote excellence in the field.

The Africa prize is the institution’s acknowledgement of growing innovation on the continent, and its effort to encourage and support higher standards by those involved engineering.

The Africa Prize’s process includes selecting 12 candidates amongst the hundreds of applications, from entrepreneurs who have founded and are running technology ventures in and around Africa’s 54 nations. The Prize’s team then invests in these candidates, providing them with six months’ worth of mentorship, workshops, lectures and programmes aimed at supporting their businesses in their current form, prior to selecting a winner and two runners-up who received GBP25,00 and GBP10,000 each respectively.

The fast growth of the technology sector in Africa occurring against the backdrop of regional challenges that include infrastructure limitations and a sparsely distributed population, make entrepreneurship on the continent in any field distinct. Realising this, the Prize team sought to introduce their impressive candidates to entities that not only understood the distinct pitfalls of early-stage companies, but the extra considerations that would be necessary in Africa’s esoteric environments.

Working with the Royal Academy of Engineering and its prize candidates, De Charles is able to add value using the full breadth of its experience and multidisciplinary expertise in engineering, Africa’s tech-related sectors, new ventures, and strategy. De Charles provides this through delivering workshops, training, product development assistance, and cross-regional network introductions when relevant.

Aligning well with the Royal Academy of Engineering’s Africa Prize mission, De Charles continues to work alongside their team to deliver value to past and future candidates in strategy and product development, and – going forward – to increase the brand and awareness of the winners and the prize itself.

“We continue to work to deliver value to past and future candidates and - going forward - to increase the brand and awareness of winners and the prize itself.”

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