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'This is New Africa' or TINA is a movement founded by Fuse ODG, a British-born Afrobeats musician of Ghanaian descent, which has captured the hearts and minds of many with its aim to build a more positive international view of Africa through culture.

Sharing the same passion and having a similar goal as the initiative, De Charles has been working with Fuse’s Off Da Ground team to refine TINA’s narrative and build the various commercial manifestations of the initiative.

Best known as the artist who brought the Azonto dance to prominence, in March 2013, Fuse reached the number one spot in the iTunes World Chart, making him the first Ghanaian musician in history to achieve the feat. In 2015 Fuse ODG made history once again, by winning the coveted 'Best African Act' at the MOBO Awards for three consecutive years.

With online competitions and viral videos Fuse ODG has been at the forefront of using people powered social media campaigns to sell his music and connect with fans all over the world. A YouTube dance competition was used to select dancers for his official Antenna music video, and subsequently teams and flash mobs uploaded dance performances of Azonto and Antenna to YouTube from countries worldwide, including France, Switzerland, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Australia, Samoa and the US. After achieving these accolades, collaborating with renowned artists such as Wyclef Jean, Sean Paul and global hit maker Major Lazer, having four top 10 hits, and raking up more than 150 million views on YouTube, Fuse has been increasingly eager to make more of a difference with his TINA campaign.

TINA is an international campaign aimed at increasing the pervasiveness and significance of African culture through music; with the hope of crossing boundaries and bettering the continent’s perceptions. Fuse’s team are keen to conceive and develop ideas that can provoke the actions of fellow artists, influencers, and corporations, and affect the hearts of the global community.

The ODG team brought De Charles on-board due to the firm’s similar underlying motivations surrounding Africa and its perceptions. De Charles has helped with the framing of the TINA narrative, and is continuing to offer its experience and expertise in shaping and implementing ideas, products and ventures that would be considered manifestations of the movement.

Afrobeats – a genre that blends music of West African origin with Hip-Hop, Pop, Dancehall, and others – has grown to become one of Africa's most renowned cultural exports in the last decade.

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